BIPOLAR Double-faced poly fabric coated on both sides to react to different conditions
BREATHABLE Fabric with the ability to allow sweat vapors to escape from inside
COATED Applied during productionof the fabric, liquid coating
DENIER The mass of a strand of yarn
DOMESTIC Made in the USA
DWR Durable Water Repellent
FACE FABRICS The outside surface of the fabric
FLC Fleece
FR Fire Retardant
FT Foot
HAND Feel of a fabric
IMPORT Made outside the USA
LB Pound
LOFT The depth of the fabric
MICROFIBER Small manmade fibers
MICROFLEECE Fleece made with microfibers
NEO Neoprene
OZ Ounce
PLY Thread that can be twisted to make multiple threads
PRELOAD Referring to cordlocks, the hole is held open until you release it
REC Recycled
RL Roll or Reel
RTL Retail
SBR Synthetic Blend Rubber
SEALCOAT Fabric that has multiple layers of Urethane coating making it heat sealable
SHIRL Shirling
ST or STR Stretch
TENSILE STRENGTH how a material holds up to lengthwise stress
THREAD COUNT Number of threads per inch
TRICOT KNIT Flexible knitted fabric
TWILL Basic fabric weave, diagonal wrap
UNCOATED Breathable
URETHANE Type of moisture resistant coating
UV Ultra Violet
VLR Velour
W/P/B Waterproof/Breathable renamed Water Resistant/Breathable
WHLS Wholesale
WICKING Fabric quality which pulls sweat and moisture away from the skin
YD Linear yard


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