Grab Bags

You know how you're working on a project and wish you had just a little piece of hook and loop fastener or need just a square of a heavier fabric for reinforcing a corner or patching a hole?  Well, here’s our answer… Because you never know when you might need it!

This is a brand new concept for us, please let us know when you receive your order if you feel you are getting a good value for your grab bag. Thanks!

  Code Description Retail  

Notions Haven: How about an assortment of sizes and lengths of Hook and Loop,  Webbing, Grosgrain Ribbon or Elastic and Shock Cord. Mostly black in color and 

< 1yd pcs. Webbing could be Polypro or Nylon, any style and width. Grosgrain ribbon is Nylon in 3/4" or 1" widths. Shock Cord could be Nylon or Poly, any size. Great for all those small projects.


Patches Galore! You will find an assortment of fabrics, all under 1/3 yard, great for patching tents, horse blankets, tarps, mesh bags, etc. Fabrics could be Cordura, Kdura, Poly6, Packcloth, Oxford, Ripstop, Canvas, Mesh, etc.                          

1 lb bag

2 lb bag




GRAB PLASTIC Plastic Treasures: Assortment of items such as Buckles, Snap Hooks, Snap Hook Loops, Rings, Ladder Locks, Loop Locks, Tri-Rings,  Siamese Silk Clips, Cord Locks, Shoulder Pads, or other miscellaneous plastic hardware. $4.00  
GRAB UL BP Ultra light Backpackers delight: Light weight items such as pieces of Ripstop or No See-um Netting, under 1/2 yard, Draw Cords, Shock Cord or Elastic, Cord Locks, Plastic Buckles or other plastic hardware pieces are some of the items you might find. $6.00  
GRAB CAMO Quilters Delight; You will find an assortment of camouflage patterns in twills, flannel, cotton sheeting, or Bull Denim, all 4” to 1/3 of a yard and various widths.  Ready for you to make a quilt for that special Hunter or great for patches, doll clothes or other small projects.                                                                                                            1 lb bag $10.00  
GRAB FLEECE    Fleece Lovers Delight; Solid colors in 100 wt (includes Micros), 200 wt or 300 wt, is what you will find, all 4” to 1/3 of a yard and various widths. Scarves, scrap hats, pillows or quilts are just a few great uses for this grab bag.                                 1 lb bag $10.00  


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