Dale & Lynn Maine - Owners

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics Inc. was started by Ray & Betty Levis  in 1981, in the small community of Nampa, Idaho. In an effort to get into business on their own, and having come to the realization that it was nearly impossible for an individual or small company to purchase small amounts of outdoor material and hardware; they started OWF (a mail order company) to fill the gap. To start out they placed an ad in a National magazine and then added 5-6 more ads shortly thereafter. Currently most advertising is done on the web and through word of mouth of our loyal customers.

Betty & Ray started with three or four rolls of fabric and some basic hardware and zippers. "We were small time people doing a big time job," says Betty who started counting hardware on the kitchen table, and cutting fabric on the living room floor. In 1996 they built a warehouse to hold all of the fabrics, hardware, offices and ten employees.

In July of 2004, after 23 years building Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics into what it is today, Betty & Ray retired and passed the business to their daughter Lynn and her husband Dale Maine.

Following Ray & Betty’s example of walking in the "small businessman's" shoes, Dale & Lynn are very sensitive to your needs. OWF was designed to supply individuals and small businesses with what they need to make quality outdoor gear.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Inc. BBB Business Review


Ray & Betty Levis with Lynn Maine